In this form of yoga various principles of karma yoga, hatha yoga, raj yoga, jnan yoga and dhyan yoga are blended together so that body-mind-soul as a whole is taken care of in a balanced or inclusive way.
In ancient India when yoga was revealed in human culture, the language Sanskrit was prevalent, and word ‘yogaha’ was used and also yog means ‘to add’ but due to westernization it became ‘yoga’.
It is not necessary in the beginning till One’s body and mind becomes more and more sattwic while practicing regularly, and body – mind themselves reject exciting, heavy tamsic food to keep body and mind in relaxed and calm state.
As chronic diseases spread its roots in deeper subconscious dimention, so unless the cause of the diseases is addressed in subconscious mind, psycho-somatic physical diseases cannot be cured that is addressed in body-mind-soul as a whole(therapeutic posture, pranayama, peace inducing relaxation and guided meditation, counselling etc.) concept in holistic yog.
All our mental activities whether reason or emotion is expressed through dual mode i.e. yes-no, past-future, negative-positive, calm-chaotic, fear-faith and so on. If these are expressed in a balanced way we don’t feel any mental/emotional problem but if negative state persists in a repeated prolonged manner then we have to break that pattern to come to normal state. Understanding and implementing holistic ideas and principles can help and address the mental/ emotional fight/ conflict while practicing holistic yog program.
Mostly it is individual’s intellectual conditioning whether one believes in personal God or eternal impersonal entity to which prayer is addressed. Holistic yog accept all concepts and emphasis is given more on impersonal entity. Whole universe is working all inclusively ratherthrough individual karma and reincarnation. According to own evolutionary time, temperament and tendencies opportunity is created for choosing particular type of method or path in which emphasis is accepted either to prayer, blessing or fate.
It definitely depends on individual interest, attention, intention while putting holistic yog principles in practice. If one has already gone through other type of yogic practices, s/he needs less time to experience higher states and likewise. It is always better not to divert attention of mind to the future in form of result or expectation, result happens while fulfilling the criteria or performance.

In general half an hour holistic yog is practiced on daily once/ twice in the morning and evening in empty stomach while giving more time once in a week or weekend that includes physical postures.