One should not get attached
to body only as a part rather body-mind-soul as a whole perpetual process of life.
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One should not believe Oneself as patient but person. As in sleep One do not feel pain so identifying Oneself as Soul One cannot suffer. Online Class (Therapeutic) Book For Free Session One should not try to become egoless rather one should try to become aware of One’s Ego that truly does not exist. Psycho-Emotional Counselling Learn more If One is really thirsty, One will find water but many are contented in knowing the composition of water while staying thirsty. Spiritual Awakening Learn more

Holistic Yog (Body-mind-soul as a whole)

‘Holistic Yog Management Nest’, HYMN was established in 20 Oct 2010 to disseminate
holistic yog concept or brand. It is registered under WB Govt.

 ‘Holistic living’ principles

  1. Synthesizing science and spirituality, self and society, peace and prosperity
  2. A-b-c-d-e of self empowerment a) self analysis/ assessment b) self belief/ behavior c) self control/ confidence d) self discipline/ determination e) self esteem/ effort
  3. Developing ‘Yes” attitude (action based)
  4. Just for ‘Today’
  5. Be aware ‘Happy now here’  
# Education should also manufacture character and not making a man, only as money earning machine for comfort of matter.