Scientific Spirituality

Now a days research is going on to explore or expediate spiritual growth through scientific methods. Human beings are curious, inquisitive to find out the truth behind every manifested thing, cause of every effect, in a scientific manner through sensory and intellectual medium. Whereas spiritual approach emphasizes eternal enquiry within subjective being beyond time, space, intellectual concept and causation; through intuition. 

Science brings the same repetitive result as a fact and linked with fixed formulae whereas spirituality is unique and united through exclusively individual experience. Spirituality is naturally/ effortlessly spontaneous, continuous and instantaneous. Science pursues through hypothesis, experimentation, modifications and corelating with earlier results, comes into conclusions.  

Through scientific means humanity is seemingly progressing in standard of living, comforts and conveniences while conquering natural forces. At the same time, changes in climatic behavior, global warming, ozone layer depletion etc. etc. for rapid industrialization, deforestation, carbon emission in the way to modern civilization is a part of scientific advancement.  

Spirituality that needs to raise the level of ordinary waking consciousness beyond sensory perceived world, needs self-desire and discipline according to individual time, temperament and tendency that cannot be taught or imposed in a structured manner. It is to be inculcated or sought without any stigma or individual conditioning to undertake spiritual journey. 

Individual mind that is naturally taking part in evolution, cannot be forced to jump to other more advanced states of consciousness by applying any so-called scientific method that may be like stretching a stem to bear flower as per our desire. Science and spirituality both should progress hand in hand, cooperating and not contradicting or confronting each other. 

Presently, science is facing the hard problem of consciousness in their hypothesis that whether brain neurons are creating consciousness or consciousness is creating brain neurons, like hen created first or egg, is yet to be fixed. On the other hand, spirituality keeps the concept beyond intellect to intuitively experience cosmic or witnessing consciousness that cannot be experienced through scientific instrumentation while finding the essential construct as God particle. 

There is an age-old tussle of supremacy between science and spirituality as far as interpreting creation and creator is concerned. Scientific knowledge and spiritual wisdom should be either side of the same coin where scientific effort and spiritual support are metamorphized together to experience joy and love of living towards light and liberation. One so called scientific method may help or hinder spiritual progress as per individual liking and disliking (Sanskar and prarabdha). 

Thus, the theme scientific spirituality e.g., sound or visual effects or any yogic method applied on meditator might differ in obtaining same scientific result. Science is progressing as natural progression in presence of spiritual essence rather than intellectual egoistic approach towards human living. Soul realized persons hardly can be produced by batches applying so called scientific method if individual is not ready to learn or accept self-transformation process.   

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