Are we educating our children in present system?

Recently the Central Government has changed the education policy in which any student can opt or choose any subject from any stream. But the question is, are we just qualifying the students or educating them? It is said that no student can be taught unless s/he wants to learn, thus, a teacher cannot teach a student, s/he can help a student to learn. 

In the present education system, students of different IQ or intellectual capability must go through same syllabus and subjected to scoring and competing for qualifying themselves in earning high currency job. On the other hand, the education system should also provide character building, human values developing content that is to be inculcated rather imposed through value education theoretical curriculum. How to address these two conflicting approaches? 

First, there should be grade giving extra-curricular activities that are chosen from various disciplines by students such as sports (indoor and outdoor), arts (painting, acting or anything that is willingly chosen), instrumental or vocal music and silent non methodical meditation etc. 

Second, teaching procedure should include doubt clearing Q and A session daily rather examining at the end of semester. Students should be encouraged to develop a willingness to learn rather than be bombarded with lectures, topic after topic, while completing the syllabus. 

Third, there should be time to contemplate before and after the lecture to avoid last moment mugging up and vomiting in the examination. 

Fourth, teachers should give marks for the behavior of the students in which average marks can be added to prepare for final grade. 

Of course, there will be impediments in implementing these ideas in prevalent system, yet policy makers should widely discuss and debate to develop an integrated curricula that includes self-developmental process along with social or objective development.  

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