happy new year vs happy now here

we celebrate new year with party, picnic, pantry, pastry etc. Time bound mind get motivated by past experience or history and future expectation or imagination. Yearly once we commemorate the day in various religious-cultural calendar of the first day of the first month of a year and mostly forget its significance rest days of the year just as birthday and any other specific days like valentine day, father/mother day etc.
On the other hand, happy now here state that is a continuous reality of existence as we live now and here physically but mentally move here and there, in past and future. It is the deluded state of mind identifying with the objective world with its continuous natural change. When we will be able to silent the mind through meditation we will wisely access our consciousness that eternally exists without the concept of past and future in the mind. Most of the suffering of human being starts with the mind and end with the mind. Deidentifying with the mind with the time brings a state of mind that lives in present moment removing suffering with a conditioning and comparison. So let us merge or synthesize both concept of ‘happy new year’ , relativity and ‘happy now here’, reality, for most purposeful living.
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