Is Human Suffering Real?

Three kinds of suffering human beings generally suffer. Adi-bhoutik, as physical and mental diseases, accidents; Adi-daibik, as natural calamities and Adhyatmic, as delusion or ignorance of our real nature. Suffering is tangible through physical pain born out of diseases, mental agony born out of various mental-emotional imbalances, Spiritual unrest born out of not having peace and purpose in life. 

Modern medical scientist is successfully addressing the cause of physical pain in most of the cases and trying to remove the suffering and psychiatrist, psychological counselor also trying to remove it from psycho-emotional plane and spiritual leaders are trying to remove suffering of spiritual nature. With all available human endeavor, is it not a fact that we are yet to conquer suffering of various nature? 

Though anesthesia, pain killer and many kinds of other modalities such as temperature, pressure, stimulation etc. reduce physical pain sensation; sedatives, psycho-inhibitor drugs reduce restlessness and various methods of meditation address spiritual imbalances, still we find hardly few individuals depart from this earth with a healthy body and mind without suffering. The majority of mankind fall as a rotten fruit rather ripe one. 

We know that during sleep or dream, we don’t feel any pain rather in waking state only, we suffer. So, the question arises who suffers in the waking state? Which part of ‘I’ really suffers? In sleep state suffering vanishes and in dream state though suffering seems real during dream but on waking it becomes false. How can body suffer, as it can be said that my hand is paining but can hand say, my hand is paining?  

So, neither body feels pain nor consciousness feels pain. And thus, conditioning of the mind that identifies with the body or consciousness separately through some psycho- neuro-pathological process, gives rise to pain sensation. In samadhi experience also, when one goes beyond the identification of the body and mind, one does not feel any pain or suffering. Henceforth, human suffering is conditioned by the so-called mind upon its superimposition as real self on deluded self.

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