Factor that interferes with the desired result of a yoga practitioner.


Every yoga practitioner pursues yoga practices to achieve physical fitness, psychological peace and spiritual bliss or realization while choosing one as per time, temperament and tendencies among various available methods. Prevalent proverb says, ‘practice makes a man perfect’ or ‘an ounce of practice is priceless preference than tons of theory or philosophy’. Thus, one must put the procedure rightly into practice with patience and perseverance. 

 But can anyone assess or judge how, when, where and what intensity, interest and attention one is putting rightly or truly while practicing. One might get demoralized after several abortive efforts and procrastinate, postpone or cease to practice if the result or success is not visible or experienced in due course of time.  Yet, one must understand that knowing, doing or desiring is in our hands but the result is not within our reach like a plant that can be nurtured by watering, fertilizing, weeding and fencing but cannot be stretched to bear fruit forcibly. 

Moreover, if one is rationalizing or expecting about result in future and pondering about past memory or experience, then mind will not be fully attentive or focused on the present performance and therefore, will lack the potency to produce desired result. We are so conditioned with conceptual knowledge or memory that success should shoot as per preconceived ideas or theories that may be the main cause of delay or deter desired result. 

In the material field, we know that every action produces equal and opposite reaction. In the mental realm, every effect relates to a definite cause. Also, we know that one may get stressed in one event or work at one time and not at another time while others may not. Thus, it is very difficult to find out the exact or definite cause of any effect. So, results cannot be obtained scientifically for every individual with practicing the same method. 

Results are obtained instantly or spontaneously with the feelings of satisfaction and in fact, everything is really happening in this present moment perpetually, but the mind is delusively thinking as per own conditioned expectation while relating to previous relative experience. Hindrances, obstacles, barriers or blocks are like failure is the pillar of success, or result is the report of effort. If one looks at it as a process and not divided into parts, then life will be balanced or peacefully flowing between both positive and negative aspects. 

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