what are the medical benefits of holisticyog and how it works on body and mind?

In one of the survey in, what are the benefits of yoga, it is stated that 90% or more people practice yoga for wellness or physical fitness reason. And now medical science is admitting that more than 60% diseases are not physical alone, rather psychosomatic one i.e. the cause of most of the physical diseases is psyche or mind. Thus, as yoga is also used to address stress of mind, it curbs or cures physical disease from deeper root. It also deals diseases being nipped in the bud before it manifest while enhancing immunity power, inducing healthy vital organs and introducing self discipline in life style, while keeping mind joyful and peaceful.
In holisticyog as body-mind-soul is addressed in a balanced manner thus, psychosomatic illnesses are taken care of in a holistic sense. It has many physical, mental as well as spiritual benefit including Increased flexibility for free flow of blood and nervous energy, enhancing muscle strength, promoting better pattern of breathing, supporting cardio vascular health, reducing chronic pain, managing stress, anxiety, depression etc. controlling quality of sleep, improving quality of life and overall well being and finally experiencing self/ soul realization/ illumination.
In holisticyog there is warming up exercise, asanas, pranayama, meditation, relaxation and understanding about mind’s propensities have a well being effect on body, mind and consciousness simultaneously as per participant’s intention, interest and intensity of practice.
It is said that all types of healing basically is self healing. The prana or life energy is responsible for healing. When prana is raised preserved and balanced then healing happens at its own in natural process. As we know rest is the best medicine, thus, through holisticyog practice rest and relaxation becomes effective and healing or curing diseases is possible without drug or even healing get accelerated even with drug or any kind of medicine.

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