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what is holisticyog and why it is named holisticyog instead of yoga

Holisticyog is a combined practice of posture, pranayama and peace producing technique where body, mind and consciousness are being nurtured in a balanced way. It is said that, in ancient era i.e. Satya yuga, there were barna (bramhan-ksatriya-baisya-sudra) and ashram (bramhacharjya-garhasthya-banprasthya-sanyas) kind of social system, where student was sent to gurugriha or tole to learn self knowledge first and then they used to learn other kind of professional knowledge or other art of livelihood. In that process, many students became sages and saints who got enlightened or became self/soul realized.
The name was ‘yogaha’ as in India Sanskrit language was prevalent that time. In modern time through western route the word ‘yogaha’ has become ‘yoga’ and in recent time or in past decade it is popularised as a physical-mental-emotional fitness producing tool.
The concept or idea as, ‘yogaha karmasu kousalam’, in body level through various postures was practiced for physical fitness or well being, as modern games and sports were not invented or played that time. And ‘yogaha chitta vritti nirodhaha’ in mind level was practiced to keep mind calm through pranayama or breath control and ‘samattwam yogaha uchchate” in soul level, through meditation or self contemplation was applied to bring wisdom or self knowledge for awakening deeper consciousness/ awareness. In holisticyog these three principles are applied holistically.
Slowly various branches or different methods came out with different name emphasizing the purpose for which one is undertaking the particular yogic method. The main four yoga is named as karma yoga, raj yoga, jnan yoga and bhakti yoga. Holisticyog is named while combining the principles of these yogas to achieve the goal or purpose for which it is practiced. There are many other names evolved as hatha yoga, sahaj yoga, kundalini yoga, kriya yoga, tantra yoga, mantra yoga, shib yoga, and so on while modifying basic forms of yoga and emphasizing particular aspect (physical, mental, intellectual, emotional, spiritual, sexual etc.) of human life to develop.
There are various styles have been developed by various Gurus or Yoga teachers such as Iyangar yoga, restorative yoga, prenatal yoga, yin yoga, Sivananda yoga, power yoga, Kripalu yoga, Bikram yoga, astanga yoga etc. etc.

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