life and its struggle

It is said that life is a struggle for joy. To deal with all the difficulties, discipline, diseases and delusion one has to diligently deliver. Desire does not stop as par fulfilling need and necessity of livelihood that is done with dedicated effort. But the nature of mind is such that it constantly fuel the fire of desire to satisfy the ego till it suffer sufficiently or feel the uselessness of running or struggling after never ending desire that does not bring contentment, peace, satisfaction we are seeking eventually.

At times, we start doubting, debating and discussing about the real purpose of life. And sometimes the real struggle begins towards seeking subjective satisfaction or fulfillment. Many times it so happen, that we cannot cling to our courageous effort to undertake spiritual journey. In the beginning, there might be many pitfalls, bumps, ditches and sharp bend. When one persistently and patiently participate in the process of life, one can find, where there seems little or no hope or experiencing fear seeing from far, while really reaching at the end of the road, one discover there is a bend in the road and option open up.

As life is a continuous journey and struggle for joy, as far as holistic ideas are concerned, nothing should be taken seriously even sometimes one feel lowly or defeated. Our life is just river like, while facing obstacle, changing the course of direction and finally dissolves in the ocean. Thus, One should not get attached or identified to particular state of mind, habit, attitude or personality that can be changed if required through self effort/ struggle.
Failure is the pillar of success. After night ends, day starts. Same current or electricity flows in negative and positive wire equally. If magnet is broken into two pieces, one pole cannot be separated and both poles will be formed. With these entire analogical examples we know, by experience, life also undergoes these types of dual or combined and cyclic phenomenon. Thus, one should accept and appreciate, forgive and forget while understanding this life’s secret that negative aspect is the part and parcel of positive aspect.

Struggle ends with understanding this reality but it is always easier said than actually done in individual life. Through practicing holisticyog and holistic living principles one can raise the awareness level to absorb this truth.

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