science vs spirituality

Science has evolved much during past 3/4 centuries and invented many formulae that explain the inter-connectivity and interchange-ability of matter especially through the laws of conservation of mass and energy and within these changes or variable something is constant.
On the other hand, spirituality views matter and energy is the by product of consciousness that cannot be quantified or experimented in laboratory set up through delicate instrument. It is to be experienced by self within, while going beyond or arresting mental, intellectual and physical activities.
Science wants to explain universe or even spirituality, with its acquired knowledge since its inception through mechanistic model in which matter is the element of creation. It is searching God particle like thing, the basic construct, from which the universe or nature has come out or manifested.
Spirituality says, there is no two or more substances exist as such, everything or universal entirety is one entity within eternity whatever name or form is assumed as matter, energy, consciousness, God, Brahma, Deities, nature etc. Truth is divided into two parts, absolute truth and relative truth. In absolute truth, existence is void, still, invisible, unchangeable, beyond sensory or intellectual grasp and in relative truth concept; universe is visible, changing constantly and cyclically, marked with name and form, visible through sensory or delicate instruments.
Science is progressing with tremendous speed inventing new things or theories and creating more comforts and conveniences in human lives. At the same time, it is causing harm to nature in turn humanity beyond repair through its misuse, abuse or overuse in applying these laws.
Spirituality is slower in progress and is self transforming in the essential process of life. Moreover, science and spirituality are not two separate subjects as we generally understand. Science is objectively or outwardly developing and spirituality is subjective or inwardly moving in its discovery as far as intellectual understanding is concerned. All our knowledge, understanding and experience about life and universe is changing time to time through scientific, religious, philosophical or spiritual language, mathematical or intellectual. But one void entity beyond name and form, time and space is witnessing these changes, existing eternally while watching these visible and invisible cyclical change or movement.

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