freedom or independence day celebration

We are celebrating Independence Day every year. Why, just because we are able to protect our territory since British ruler has been uprooted and we can govern our country ourselves. Isn’t it? Or freedom is our birthright and we want to be free from anything that put obstacles in living our lives of our own wish and will. There are financial freedom, freedom of speech or expression, freedom of livelihood and learning and so on. We don’t want to be dependent to anything and anybody. Nobody should dictate or discipline us in our choice of independent living.
But in reality, we find we are mostly dependent to everything and everybody on the way of our self/ social livelihood. We become dependent to drug, doctor and diet on the way to a healthy living, dependent to police and politician to protect us, dependent to our dogmas and doctrines, conditioned to religious concept or ideas, and so on.
Actually, in true sense freedom is our essential nature. Freedom or swadhinata, means, swa adhinata or nija adhinata. It is freedom from our own mind, keeping or managing mind under our own conscious control. But mostly it is seen that we are living under stress, anxiety, tension, depression, delusion, frustration, ignorance, anger, greed, fear, uncontrolled desire, relationship issues and concerns and crazy about hoarding money due to insecurity and uncertainty and moreover dependency to many other abnormal or negative propensities of mind that put our lives in a critical bonded situation.
It is said that, our conscious mind works approximately 0 to 10 % according to dull or intelligent brain and a vast area beyond conscious (90% or more) perception is lying unconscious. Unconsciousness can be individual and collective. It can be below conscious perception that can be termed as subconscious or cosmic unconscious individually or collectively. Similarly, above conscious perception can be termed as super conscious or cosmic conscious individually or collectively.
Whatever conscious perception, thought and action is done again and again individually or collectively (socially) goes or buried to beyond conscious level or stays in unconscious state. Thus, unconscious area that is more than 90% in the form of habit, attitude, personality, destiny, sanskar etc. becomes more powerful and guides the conscious mind from behind. So unless one expands the conscious area or become aware of more unconscious part, true meaning of freedom cannot be explored. Through yoga and meditation one can become more and more conscious about unconsciousness and celebrate the real freedom or Independence Day.

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