Throughout the ages of human race, the concept of God has been assumed as creator and savior from misfortune and human suffering. Over the period, Avatar and Gurus came as agent to disseminate different concept about God with different theories or philosophies about relationship between creator and its creation. Thus, followers or devotees came up following different religion in different region under spiritual leadership of different Gurus and their teachings. 

It is generally said that without God and Guru’s grace hardly any progress can be made with self-effort in spiritual realm. That indicate, God or Guru is having free will to shower grace to individual whimsically as they (personal God or deity in form, guru in physical body) feel. Can they be so partial? Definitely not. There is another concept of impersonal God without name and form and change, that is neutral, fundamental entity on which whole universe is manifested or created. 

It’s too abstruse to believe that nothing has created something. If nobody is there overhead, who will shower grace, like gravity attracts upward to downward or center. Thus, there is superstition or blind faith regarding grace. By the way, what is grace? A form of esoteric energy that can be induced in the way to success in desired field. We understand that without any cause there will be no effect, thus, without effort from individual part there will be no grace delivered. 

Also, we know water flows downward naturally. But if faced with obstruction it automatically changes its course of direction. Of course, vessels with holes cannot retain water. Thus, grace is here, there and everywhere, within and without. One must be eligible, elevate, purify, tune or leakproof oneself to sustain grace that automatically flows with one’s own experience, gratitude and humility. God or Guru has nothing to bestow grace to devotee or disciple in first place. 

Many devotees believe or has conditioned ideas like God or Guru ‘krupa hi kebalam’. Thus, there attention is mostly on the objective part of grace, rather than subjective purification through various means or methods, such as puja, prarthana, japa, yog and dhyana etc. And we see, though lakhs of followers are following or practicing the laid down Guru’s principles, rites and rituals, yet many of us seems to be stagnant and dissatisfied about spiritual progress towards enlightenment.  

So, inner flowering (manifestation of samskaras those are acquired from previous births) and self-effort both approaches should be balanced and synchronized or attuned in a holistic manner thus, grace happens or flows on its own. Gratitude develops spontaneously along with humility while understanding ego and identification with personal part of doing or effort. Finally, it is understood and experienced as Spirit and Nature is not doing anything, everything is happening as it is, without rationalizations about grace or gravity.  



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